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Sure, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but you won’t always be that lucky. In fact, when you’re talking about most things in life, the words that describe them will often make or break the experience. If you’re in the process of brand development, it’s imperative that you stop and smell the roses before you get too ambitious and lose track of your marketing vision. After all, you can plant all the seeds you want for your business, but without perfectly-procured word art, your garden won’t grow.
Planting the Seeds
Spring is upon us, and life is ready to bloom around us. If you’re ready to make your business blossom, buckle down and get ready to pay close attention to the seeds you plant. In terms of brand development, every piece of marketing in today’s economy revolves around creating beautiful content that your audience will want to read.
So, how do you get your ground ready without accidentally using too much fertilizer? Follow these basic tips:
  • Figure Out Who You Are. When it comes to content creation, your voice is a vital part of your business. . You should compose a narrative that speaks to your audience and leaves them yearning to hear more about what you have to say. If you don’t know who you are yet, it’s time for some table-talk around the lunch counter with some of your key employees and trusted customers. Discuss the following:
  • Do you want to be conversational, approachable, and friendly?
  • Does your industry lend itself to a more sterile and professional feel?
  • Will your readers respond better if you speak to them? Or would it be more appropriate to have an indirect third person narrative?
    Figuring out who you are as a company will help you understand the kind of content that will make you successful as you develop your brand.
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  • Understand Your Competitive Advantage. No business can be successful if its leaders don’t understand their competitive advantage. This concept is no different when it comes to content creation. In fact, this is exactly where you should leverage your knowledge of the industry and showcase your best qualities.
  • What makes you unique?
  • Why should people want to learn more about you?
  • How can you be more interesting than The Other Guy?
  • Growing Your Garden
    Now that you’ve planted the seeds to make your content marketing strategy grow, it’s time to step back and pay attention to the details that can greatly impact your bottom line (and your bank account, too). Here are a few tips to take into consideration as you undertake a brand development strategy and learn to embody content creation:
  • Use Your Tools. The truth of the matter is, not all words will work for you. If you throw some sentences out into cyberspace and expect them to make magic happen, you’re setting yourself up for a damaged crop when the season comes to a close. Great brand development receives positive accolades from its consumers, but you’ll never know how your audience feels about you if you’re not paying attention.
  • There are plenty of tools out there these days, which means you have plenty of ways to understand what content is working well. Google Analytics is one of many options that will help you get a handle on how engaged your audience becomes when it views your content.
  • Who is finding your sales funnel?
  • Which words are driving customers to your site?
  • How is your brand development strategy aligning with the people who are coming to see you?
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